Cast-Iron, 30 Day, No-Quibble, No Questions Asked,
Full Money Back Guarantee

Obviously I know this works because I've used the exact same methods to generate many hundreds of thousands of pounds on a regular basis, but I understand that you have not had that direct experience.

So as I really don't want ANYTHING to stand in your way of at least finding out for yourself how incredibly valuable the Digital Academy is (... and of course I want you to see just how simple it is to make around £1,000 a month with the Cash Curator Micro-System), I've decided to offer a COMPLETELY UNCONDITIONAL, 30 DAY 'NO QUIBBLE' MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

You're welcome to take a risk-free trial of my Digital Academy and if, for whatever reason, within the first 30 days you feel that it's not for you, I'll personally guarantee you a full and prompt refund, no questions asked and you can still keep the '£1,000 a month' Cash Curator Micro-System!

Just to be clear, you can have FULL ACCESS to the Digital Academy AND my Minions themselves for A FULL 30 DAYS and during that time, if you can't see how you can build your own profitable online business ... then simply contact me for a full refund.

Apart from making sure you let me know within 30 days if you want a refund, there are no other rules or conditions to comply with.

Naturally we're offering this because we want you to see the massive money making potential from having this level of training and resources at your fingertips and therefore won't want a refund ... but for your peace of mind, the offer's there should you need it.

Of course, after the initial 30 day trial period, I hope you will want to remain a member of the Digital Academy and continue to use my Minions, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so. You can cancel your access to the Digital Academy at any time in the future and will owe nothing further.

As I said, this personal guarantee is for your peace of mind because this is one opportunity that I KNOW you won't want to miss.

Important note: When you subscribe you will be given immediate access to the Cash Curator Micro-System and a customisable bespoke template hosted on my own servers which you are free to use all the time you remain a member of the Digital Academy. There's no charge for me hosting your Cash Curator Micro-System on my servers, again all the time you remain a member of the Digital Academy. I hope you understand that in the event you decide to cancel your subscription I will not be able to continue to host your Cash Curator Micro-System, nor will you be able to use the template that is installed on my servers. You will be completely free to continue to profit by using the method itself but will have to recreate the template and make your own hosting arrangements. The only cost involved in setting up the Cash Curator Micro-System is for the purchase of your own unique domain name (... for example is a domain name). You will need to buy this as part of the automatic set up process that we do for you at a fixed cost of £14.95 for one year. Your unique domain name will also be hosted on our servers free of charge all the time you remain a Digital Academy member. Should you wish to transfer the hosting of your domain name to another service provider you will be able to do so but this will usually incur other charges which entirely depend on your choice of service provider.

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